Assistive Technology is an Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) division focused on assisting caregivers and to improve the health and quality of life in our community through providing assistive devices that allow those with disabilities to live a more normal life. Our mission is to design and develop devices that assist caregivers and improve health care delivery through our talents, education, and knowledge of technology and the human body. We aspire to fulfill the needs of our community partners in correlation with our own goals, concentrating on health issues and development of patients and civilians, and maintain a long term partnership with the community.





This year, a portion of our team will be partnering with Colton, a young boy with Arthrogryposis Multiforme Congenita (AMC), and his family to build an assistive fishing device. AMC restricts Colton's movement in his arms and legs, so traditional fishing is not an option for him. It is our goal to develop a self-casting, self-reeling system that will allow Colton the freedom and enjoyment to fish with his family. The project is nearing its final stages, and the team is revising the bobber and integrating the sub-systems of the fishing rod into one device.

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The Hippotherapy team is working with the Therapeion Therapeutic Riding Center, which provides therapeutic riding services for people of all ages with disabilities. Hippotherapy is used to improve coordination, balance, and core muscle strength. We are working to create an equestrian simulation machine that mimics the motions of a horse's back. This semester, the team is focused on finding a new solution that replicates the movement felt by a rider on a horse.


The Jackson Center team works with children who have motor disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, to  gain independence. Our project partner, Jackson Center for Conductive Education has made it their mission to "equip motor-challenged children and adults with the physical ability, and confidence, to attain the highest quality of independent life." This team helps carry out that mission by providing products to assist the conductors at Jackson Center. We are currently working on two projects. One is a writing device for students with lower need requirements that helps them grip writing utensils of different sizes. The other is a senior design project aimed toward students with higher need requirements that will guide their hands while the students write.

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